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When researching a business, most people turn to the Internet. They may review the group on sites that boast feedback from real people or browse recent news stories, hoping to build an opinion of the company as a whole. While a web search does often point interested parties in the right direction, sometimes it highlights information that may not prove entirely true.


Given the Internet’s relative new-ness, many companies experience negative attention on the web and find themselves perplexed about how to deal with it, so that the less desirable content remains. For instance, a restaurant may receive an explosive negative review from a customer who happened to experience a highly uncharacteristic wait time, or a dentist’s office might attractive a defamatory blog post authored by a person who typically dislikes dentistry procedures. Because posts like these often generate more views than happy, satisfied client feedback, they often rise to the top of a Google search, thus harming the image of the firm or group. They may even appear before the group’s website, which provides factual information about details that matter most to the potential customer, or a news story detailing the company’s recent efforts in the community.


Dedicated to bringing fair truths to the Internet, company-analysis.com provides an alternative to sifting through extensive, hard-to navigate content. Company-analysis.com focuses on businesses across various sectors, from fashion to transportation to technology, crafting summaries of their objectives, business practices, and other relevant information. At company-analysis.com, visitors benefit from the pragmatic discussion of a firm on both micro and macro levels and may form educated decisions about possible patronage.


  • Simon & Simon: Personal Injury Law Firm

    Simon & Simon, PC has two offices, in Center City Philadelphia and Northeast Philadelphia. It is a full-service personal injury law firm assisting injured victims and their families who have suffered because of the negligence of others. The law firm’s legal team is known for its success in representing victims of motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, and medical negligence matters. For more than 10 years now Simon & Simon has been successful in obtaining the monetary compensation its clients deserve.

    The firm’s philosophy has remained the same since its founding, which is to provide aggressive, confidential, and competent

  • WebEyeCare: Online Retail Contact Lenses

    WebEyeCare is a company based in Bristol, Pennsylvania. It is an online retailer offering contact lenses and boasts of being the source of lowest priced contact lenses. As the company states it constantly strives to exceed its customers’ expectations by delivering name brand contact lenses at the lowest possible price. All contact lenses dispensed by WebEyeCare are exactly the same lenses prescribed by a client’s doctor and are delivered to the client in sealed containers direct from the manufacturer.

    The primary focus of WebEyeCare is providing its customers with the dedicated personalized customer service combined with the lowest prices

  • FlexGround: Playground Designer & Installer

    FlexGround, LLC is based in Tempe, Arizona. The company’s principal officers represent a combined 76 years of in-depth industry knowledge and oversight of more than 2 million square feet of aquatic and playground safety surfacing around the United States. FlexGround was built on three core tenets: quality, innovation and unparalleled commitment to client satisfaction.

    The firm is commonly consulted on the development of industry regulation methodology and holds 20 different product certifications issued by the playground industry’s leading committee, IPEMA. While the company prides itself on innovation and development of new products, FlexGround remains traditional in its approach to