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When researching a business, most people turn to the Internet. They may review the group on sites that boast feedback from real people or browse recent news stories, hoping to build an opinion of the company as a whole. While a web search does often point interested parties in the right direction, sometimes it highlights information that may not prove entirely true.


Given the Internet’s relative new-ness, many companies experience negative attention on the web and find themselves perplexed about how to deal with it, so that the less desirable content remains. For instance, a restaurant may receive an explosive negative review from a customer who happened to experience a highly uncharacteristic wait time, or a dentist’s office might attractive a defamatory blog post authored by a person who typically dislikes dentistry procedures. Because posts like these often generate more views than happy, satisfied client feedback, they often rise to the top of a Google search, thus harming the image of the firm or group. They may even appear before the group’s website, which provides factual information about details that matter most to the potential customer, or a news story detailing the company’s recent efforts in the community.


Dedicated to bringing fair truths to the Internet, company-analysis.com provides an alternative to sifting through extensive, hard-to navigate content. Company-analysis.com focuses on businesses across various sectors, from fashion to transportation to technology, crafting summaries of their objectives, business practices, and other relevant information. At company-analysis.com, visitors benefit from the pragmatic discussion of a firm on both micro and macro levels and may form educated decisions about possible patronage.


  • Refresh Dental: Up-To-Date Dental Service

    While there the local dentists who can get the job done, Refresh Dental would like to offer more. As a company they can provide the latest in services as all their dentists have continuing education and keep up with the latest in dentistry.

    Refresh Dental comprises a chain of dental offices throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania. The company has board-certified dentists who regularly participate in continuing education, and use the latest dental technology to provide patients with quality dental care. Refresh Dental accepts most dental insurance plans, and if a client doesn’t have dental coverage, the company can set up

  • eLearning Brothers: eLearning Templates Provider

    eLearning Brothers was founded in 2009 and is based in the Salt Lake City area (American Fork), Utah, USA. The company has over 50 employees. eLearning Brothers is a global provider of eLearning templates, custom eLearning design, and training for eLearning professionals. The company is actually co-founded by brothers hence the company name. Shawn Ski Scivally and Andrew Scivally started the company working together to develop eLearning materials.

    Among the products and services offered by the company is the eLearning Template Library. Games, interactions, scenarios and lots more are included in this library. Since clients get the source

  • Sev1Tech: IT Consulting Services

    Sev1Tech is a fast growing small business founded in 2010 and based in Woodbridge, Virginia. The firm provides IT, engineering and program management consulting services. Sev1Tech’s focus is on providing program and IT services to critical missions across Federal and Commercial clients.

    The company focuses on corporate responsibility and excellence in service, both which are key components in its business operating policies. Sev1Tech takes great pride in conducting its business with integrity and honesty, and holds its employees to the same high standards of performance and quality and commitment to the organization. The company believes that everyone in their