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When researching a business, most people turn to the Internet. They may review the group on sites that boast feedback from real people or browse recent news stories, hoping to build an opinion of the company as a whole. While a web search does often point interested parties in the right direction, sometimes it highlights information that may not prove entirely true.


Given the Internet’s relative new-ness, many companies experience negative attention on the web and find themselves perplexed about how to deal with it, so that the less desirable content remains. For instance, a restaurant may receive an explosive negative review from a customer who happened to experience a highly uncharacteristic wait time, or a dentist’s office might attractive a defamatory blog post authored by a person who typically dislikes dentistry procedures. Because posts like these often generate more views than happy, satisfied client feedback, they often rise to the top of a Google search, thus harming the image of the firm or group. They may even appear before the group’s website, which provides factual information about details that matter most to the potential customer, or a news story detailing the company’s recent efforts in the community.


Dedicated to bringing fair truths to the Internet, company-analysis.com provides an alternative to sifting through extensive, hard-to navigate content. Company-analysis.com focuses on businesses across various sectors, from fashion to transportation to technology, crafting summaries of their objectives, business practices, and other relevant information. At company-analysis.com, visitors benefit from the pragmatic discussion of a firm on both micro and macro levels and may form educated decisions about possible patronage.


  • Residential Capital Management: Residential Solutions

    Residential Capital Management (RCM) was founded in 2010 and based in Atlanta, Georgia. The firm has offices in Marietta, Georgia; Orlando, Florida; Tampa, Florida; Boca Raton, Florida; and Nashville, Tennessee.  Additional markets of business include Charlotte, North Carolina and New Jersey. The firm and affiliates is a leading vertically integrated single source solution for institutional level single family real estate needs.

    RMC’s services include advisory services, sourcing, construction management, leasing, property management, property preservation, dispositions, title services and capital raises.  It offers a combination of analysis and consulting geared for the most sophisticated investors along with local presence that

  • Loyal Source Government Services: Scalable Solutions

    Loyal Source Government Services is a company based in Orlando, Florida. The company specializes in keeping abreast of and navigating the often complex procedures for government agencies whether the client’s requirement is personnel based or solution driven.  Loyal Source has more than 30 years of cumulative experience and thus has the knowledge, resources, and proven industry commitment helping its government customers execute the increasing demands of the current changing technology landscape.

    Meeting changing and emerging needs, Loyal Source provides timely and scalable healthcare services and solutions. The company leverages its ability to expand and contract rapidly, while providing

  • Prolim: PLM Solutions And More

    Prolim is a company based in Farmington, Michigan whose goal is to help various corporations succeed in their product lifecycle management (PLM) strategies. PLM is both an enterprise software solution as well as a key business strategy that collaborates and manages all of the critical product information and business processes that go into bringing successful products to market. PLM has matured to become a mission critical system for successfully driving product development.

    Prolim is in the business of helping companies achieve their PLM business goals given the fact that these companies have acquired various tools and different disconnected