A Vet’s Partner

When veterinarian prescribes drugs there’s already money involved as the drug will eventually be bought by the pet owner. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s how the capitalist market works. The bulk of the money will go to the company that manufactures the drug or medicine. There are others in the supply chain who will get their share, too.

For Vets First Choice they would like the veterinarian to have a share in the pie as well.  This company is a subsidiary of Direct Vet Marketing, Inc. and is the nation’s largest online veterinary partner-pharmacy and marketing services provider and the only one licensed in 48 states.

Vets First Choice does not require start-up or monthly fees and there is no long term contract either. This is advantageous to veterinarians who would like to begin an online store in an effective, fast, and easy way.  The online pharmacy works through the veterinarian’s own website where Vets First Choice will work with the vet’s website provider to establish a seamless link from the vet’s website directly to the vet’s online pharmacy which will be branded to the vet’s practice.

The vet’s clients log on to the vet’s online store and select the product they would like to purchase. The vet is automatically notified within the administration side of his store and asked to provide prescription medication authorization.  Once the vet approves the prescription, Vets First Choice pharmacy prepares and ships the product to the client. The transaction is between the vet and client, preserving the veterinary-client-patient-relationship (V-C-P-R).

Vets First Choice will need access to a vet’s practice management software.  This is because the company would like to drive compliance by giving timely personalized emails that are accurate and easy to act on. The source data for these emails is from the vet’s practice management software. This approach has been proven to be effect in medication compliance. The clients also appreciate the detailed emails containing their names, their pet’s name, and their exact needs.  Vets First Choice will not use the data in any other manner.

The company’s headquarters is located in Portland, Maine.




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