Better Voice And Audio Experience

We sometimes take hearing for granted. There is a complex process involved, how sound waves vibrate our ear drums and how they are converted to signals that our brain processes and allows us to distinguish different kinds of sound.  With modern technology we can now hear the sound or voice of someone thousands of miles away. This is not original sound anymore and along with surrounding noise we may not be able to clearly hear the sound.

One company has been established to solely focus on having people hear much better sound coming from mobile devices. This company is Audience which was founded in 2000 and based in Mountain View, California. In founding the company the vision was to create electronic systems that could hear the way people do.

Dr. Lloyd Watts, as a student and researcher had worked with prominent neuroscientists to understand the way people actually hear, process and perceive sounds.  He initially designed a chip that mimicked the human cochlea. This is the portion of the inner ear that converts vibrations into electrical signals that are processed by the human brain as sound.

Dr. Watts founded Audience  as an avenue to commercialize auditory neuroscience for the mass market. Based on the science of human hearing the company began to develop products and created its proprietary earSmart™intelligent voice technology. To enhance voice quality and suppress noise earSmart Advanced Voice processors work like the human ear, this device has been targeted to improve communications for mobile, telecom and computing markets.

The company’s platform consists of proprietary, purpose-built digital signal processors, analog and mixed signal circuits, and algorithms for voice isolation and noise suppression. Among its voice and audio solutions include eS305, a second generation voice and audio processor using hardware acceleration architecture and algorithms for far-field wideband communications.  Other processors are the eS110, eS310 and A1024.

Samsung, LG, HTC, and Sharp are some of the prominent manufacturers that use the company’s earSmart technology.  Audience announced its IPO offering on May 10, 2012.



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