BookPal: Books In Bulk

Upload, download, SEO these are just some of the words that you often hear nowadays with the advent of the Internet. There is also the electronic book or more popularly known as the eBook. This is a book-length publication in digital form. It’s all there, the text and images just like a real book. It makes you wonder whether the days of the real physical books are numbered.

Well for now they’re still very much around. Real books are actually less straining on the eyes to read. You also don’t have to worry about the battery running out on your laptop or other electronic devices that you may be using to read an eBook.

Judging by the fast growth of BookPal we can say that there is still a strong demand for hardcopy books. BookPal is not your ordinary book seller, far from it. If you’re just after one book it’s better you look somewhere else. BookPal deals in bulk purchases.  You can buy books from them in any genre as long as it’s 25 or more copies per title.

The company was founded in 2005 in Irvine, California. Since its start the firm’s vision was to make bulk buying of books as easy as possible for corporations and educational institutions. Its clients also include associations, religious groups, government clients and individuals.

Tony DiCastanzo founded the company. They realized that large, mainstream book sellers were actually not in sync with the needs of bulk book buyers. So Tony and his team devised a plan to make bulk buying an easy and simplified process.

Initially the firm focused on healthcare books. Then requests for literature, business books and novels started to come in. To meet the demand BookPal expanded its catalogue. By expanding this meant to include just about every book on print. They now have over 3 million books all of which are available for bulk order.

BookPal has handled just about every request, from 25 copies for a class room or a child’s birthday to orders of over 60,000 books for corporate giveaways.

If you need books in bulk BookPal is the company you can turn to.



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