Content Distribution Through Various Platforms

In the past it was only in the movies where we could see recorded entertainment.  We also had to follow a certain seclude to be able to watch it and we also had to go to a movie house. Today entertainment can be viewed in different platforms. What more with new technology entertainment content can now be viewed on demand.  This time the entertainment shown is based on your own schedule and not as previously when you had to follow the movie house’s or TV schedule.

One company seems to have a distinct understanding of how all this works and how it should be done. This company is Gravitas Ventures.  It understands that there is the entertainment content and there are the various platforms where the content can be shown.

This company focuses on aggregating entertainment content for worldwide distribution through established and changing platforms in cable video on demand (VOD), broadband, mobile and the airline/hospitality industries. With this approach Gravitas connects independent film makers, producers, and distribution companies to the leading satellite, telco, cable and online distribution partners.

The founder of Gravitas is Nolan Gallagher. VOD was being rolled out nationwide when Nolan was working at Comsat and then Warner Bros.  He saw the need for an independent product in the VOD arena and in 2006 established Gravitas Ventures. His company then went to work on getting content.

Gravitas signed a licensing agreement with Warner Bros (still active today). In 2008 the company began programming directly with dozens of cable, satellite, and telco operators through its monthly VOD packages: Gravitas New Release Movies on Demand and Gravitas Events on Demand.

Going further Gravitas launched its third programming package, Gravitas Horror on Demand in 2009. It also partnered with Netflix so it could have chosen titles available in their Watch Instantly platform.

More content partners came on board in 2010, including UTV, one of the largest studios in India and Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). With PBS Gravitas launched its fourth programming package: Documentaries on Demand.  The company also had new deals with other online sites like YouTube and Hulu.

Gravitas has caught on to something. People would certainly watch entertainment on their own available time than follow somebody else’s schedule.




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