FastSpring: Outsourced E-Commerce Provider

We have heard the word outsourcing so many times already. It means a third party is doing some sort of work for a particular entity or company.  It does not necessarily mean that this work is being done in China or India.

FastSpring is a company that helps merchants with selling their products. Specifically the company produces software the makes e-commerce easier for those who have products that are downloadable and products and services that are subscription-based like downloadable software, software-as-a-service, Web 2.0 service, games, and e-books.  FastSpring provides customize, hosted order pages that integrates with the client’s current website and design.

This hosted order page can automatically display to a client’s customers in their local language and currency.  The order pages are also optimized for all major desktop and mobile browsers.

FastSpring has already built a reputation as a trusted reseller of software products and services. The firm can handle all aspects of purchasing and delivery. This includes licensing and activation. FastSpring takes care of all aspects of buyer satisfaction and payment-based customer support.

The proprietary technology of FastSpring is its next-generation platform, SpringBoard. It has solved the problems of growing complexity and maintainability that has been associated with legacy e-commerce systems. SpringBoard is architected from the ground up to be extremely flexible, adaptable, and configurable. It boasts of its store servers’ uptime of 99.94 percent.

FastSpring’s support team can usually get a client’s store setup within a day. A client will only be asked as few questions. Also when a client’s customers have questions, FastSpring will give them a very timely and complete response. This brings goodwill, repeat purchases, and ultimately more revenue.  The product and services of FastSpring are affordably priced.

The firm was founded in 2005 by industry veterans with over 40 years experience in the e-commerce software industry. Since its inception in 2005 over 15,000 clients have signed up for FastSpring. The company was already generating profit by 2009. FastSpring has headquarters in Santa Barbara, California.




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