Forward Health: Online Health Information

There is much information about health in the Internet. Unless the websites are well-known and established you may not be sure if the information they are providing is correct. One company sees the value of right health information for individuals and also knows the monetary value of it, if properly handled.

This company is Forward Health which owns websites that combines medically reviewed original content from doctors and medical researchers and also video, health information and other multi-media content from leading authorities like Mayo Clinic, Insidermedicine and the National Institute of Health.  With this approach it provides its audience with quality health information at the highest standards of relevance.

Through its various websites the company has an audience of health oriented consumers and also condition specific audiences. Forward Health offers its client’s brands and products with direct channels of communications with it base of audiences.  To achieve this Forward Health offers display advertising, video advertising, sponsorship, lead generation, email marketing and contextual advertising.

As a privately held company not beholden to third party interests Forward Health is growing in the direction it wants to grow. The New York City based company has clients such as Merck, Roche, P&G, GlaxoSmithKline and other big names in the health and medicine fields. It looks to have landed a lucrative niche.



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