Global Medical Missions

Being able to provide and respond to medical missions locally and abroad requires a large amount of resources. Even more important is how these resources are utilized to make the most out of them. The resources include human as well as material assets.

Onsite Occupational Health & Safety, Inc. (Onsite OHS) has positioned itself to support complex domestic and international medical missions in difficult environments.  The company has corporate headquarters in Princeton, Indiana. Onsite OHS has Operation Support offices in Fort Worth, Texas; Dubai, UAE; and Afghanistan.

The key to Onsite OHS’s ability to respond to emergencies quickly and efficiently locally and internationally is through its comprehensive Human Capital Program.  This allows it have a pool of ready personnel which can be immediately tapped depending on their qualifications and the contract on hand.

Complementing the human resource it can muster; Onsite OHS also has a durable logistic and supply chain program.  The company has logistics partners that allow the delivery of equipment and supplies at the right place and at the right time. The company’s Medical Supplier operates 39 full-service distribution centers, distributes more than 55,000 medical items, and represents 1,000 manufacturers.

Onsite OHS currently manages medical support in more than 100 locations including far away clinics in Southwest Asia.  The company staffs clinics with U.S. licensed physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, physician assistance and paramedics coming from its personnel database.  Onsite OHS maintains a select team and equipment to immediately deploy when needed.

The company’s human capital system enables it to provide skilled personnel like paramedics, trauma surgeons, firefighter and health care administration to its clients. Onsite OHS has the capability to fully staff hospitals and clinics which meet U.S standards.

Amount its notable capabilities and accomplishments include being the only civilian medical provider at Kandahar Airfield Afghanistan that is included in the NATO emergency response plan; screening close to 1,000 civilian contractor candidates per month, with an average turn-around time of 12 hours; and being able to recruit and certify 80 medical personnel, including 5 surgeons for operations n Iraq within 15 days.

Onsite OHS was founded in 2008 by Kyle Johnson who was previously a hospital corpsman with the U.S. Navy.  Now, the $19 million firm offers medical services globally to commercial and government clients.



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