Mango: Delicious Language

Learning a language can often be a boring experience. You memorize so many words, conjugations, and you repeat strange sounding words over and over again until you get it right. A group of language lovers thought there was a better way to teach language. Learning a language should be a sweet experience like eating a mango. After several years of refining and refining they finally came out with a better way of teaching languages. Thus Mango Languages was born.

The company can teach up to 40 languages and it’s done with the heavy use of technology. Through the Internet (with paid subscription) you can learn a foreign language interactively and at your own pace. It puts an emphasis on practical conversation. It’s designed so that if you are in a foreign country you would be able to find your way around if you learned this country’s language through Mango.

Mango hires native language teachers with Master’s level of education. Due to the Internet the company can hire people all over the world. The lessons are designed to be fun and in a subtle way the lessons are taught so they can be understood and remembered. The idea is to make it fun but a lot of serious work goes into making it all possible. It incorporates the language expert’s know-how and capability matched with the appropriate technology.

One important aspect of Mango language learning is they also teach about culture. If there’s one thing a person wants to avoid is making some sort of mistake because he may not be aware of cultural practices even though he has working knowledge of the foreign language.

Mango Languages has headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Mango is used by numerous federal and government organizations like the U.S. Marines, U.S. Air Force and Department of Homeland Security whose personnel may be deployed in foreign countries or deal with foreigners. Its online learning software is used in elementary, middle, and high schools. Mango also serves one in five North American libraries which is around 85 million library patrons and the number is growing.

With the world getting more connected one major communications barrier is language. Mango Languages is trying to sweetly address this problem.



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