Maximizing Those Technology Assets

There comes a time when the technology or electronic assets we have in the office have to go. They may have broken down or new equipment (or technology) has come in to replace existing ones.  While a company may just dump them in the garbage or have them hauled away to be sent to a landfill Allied has something else to offer.

Allied is a company based in Dallas, Texas. The firm specializes in the recycling of electronic devices and promoting the rebuilding/remarketing of end-of-life electronic technology assets to other markets in the U.S.  Thus companies disposing there assets may actually get some monetary returns while another company may still find the discarded asset useful and can save on buying more expensive but not fully utilized new technology assets.

Allied believes the reduce/reuse/recycle methodology forms the basis for a sustainable IT practice through: reducing the demand for new technology, enabling longer lifecycles; capitalizing on opportunities for resuse through redeployment/remarketing/charitable donation; and recycling electronic waste responsibly to salvage all usable components and greatest volume of raw materials.  The firm has both national and global presence.

The company offers asset recovery; asset management and reporting; electronics rebuilding and remarketing; technology management; and lifecycle management.  This company maximizes a firm’s technology assets while at the same time making the world a better place to live.



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