Network Solutions In The Financial Market

With a company name, Wall Street Network Solutions (WSNS), you’d immediately know this firm caters to participants in the financial market. Technology has altered how the financial market operates. Now transactions can be done at blinding speed. To accomplish this it must go through a telecommunication network which must also work at blinding speed. In today’s financial world microseconds count.

WSNS is geared to provide financial market participants with the kind of network that will give its clients the speed, reliability, and cost effectiveness that is desired. The people in this company are not only composed of technology experts but also those who understand how the financial markets work. This is essential as the network solution they provide must be in total sync with what is required in the various financial dealings.

The advantage that WSNS brings is it is not tied to a specific network provider. Thus it will not direct customers to specific network routes. No carrier can claim to be the best and fastest provider in all locations. WSNS will look for the best network provider for its clients.

The firm has an overall view of the entire carrier environment. They know the key routes and data centers required by financial firms. The company knows how providers perform in the areas of provisioning, price, latency, uptime and care, by building, by data center, by route, by city. At the end of the day it is not just about network latency performance. A carrier may be very fast but for a particular company its location may not make that carrier the optimal choice.

WSNS can provide many services like defining requirements, designing the network, vetting providers, contracting for services, and deployment of the network. Once a client’s network is deployed WSNS will provide support 24/7/365. It treats all network solutions as mission-critical.

More specifically the services the company provides include Custom Network Solutions, Ethernet, Dedicated Internet Access, Co-location and Diversity and Redundancy. Its industry solutions include Buy Side, Sell Side, Inter-Dealer Brokers, Exchange/Liquidity Providers, and Market Data/Software/Clearing and Settlement.

Technology is changing the way the financial market operates and WSNS is one of the companies making this change possible. The firm’s corporate headquarters is located in Parsippany, New Jersey.



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