Popchips: An Innovative Approach To Snack Chips

Taking snacks has become part of our eating habit. Now there are different kinds of snacks out there and of course different people with various snack preferences.   Keith Belling is one individual who loves snacks particularly snack chips. Like a true entrepreneur he thought there must be a better way to make snack chips that were both tasty and healthy.

The two approaches he knew were either to fry the chips which was unhealthy or to bake them which didn’t taste good. Keith talked with Patrick Turpin about his quest. Patrick took Keith to an interesting snack manufacturer and that was it; they found a way to pop a chip which was delicious and at the same time containing less of the unhealthy stuff.

In 2007, the two co-founded Popchips, Inc. with headquarters in San Francisco, California. It manufactures and sells popped potato chips in different flavors, sweet potato chips, and popped tortilla chips. The firm offers its products online and through a network of retail stores in the U.S. and Canada.

Keith is the CEO while Patrick serves as President. With multimillion sales their business is a popping success.



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