Prodigy Resources: Providing The Right Human Resources

Personnel costs take up a large portion of any company’s budget. Thus the positions that are to be created, the salaries to be paid and the number of people to be hired has to be carefully studied. When a company is growing it may simply continue to hire to fill personnel shortages. Even a growing company though will come to feel at a particular point in time the weight of the cost of personnel.

Personnel are needed or how else will a company operate? Even an automated system has to be turned on by a human being.  In order to have the right and qualified personnel to handle the required work while at the same time not blow the budget many organizations have turned to recruiting agencies.

One company that has been growing rapidly in this industry is Denver, Colorado-based Prodigy Resources which is focused in recruiting personnel in the IT industry.  Prodigy’s technical recruiting team has developed deep networks within their IT professional communities. This is the leading edge that the company has in being able to find the right person that a client company needs.

The staffing solutions Prodigy offers include Contract Staffing. This allows companies to pay for the hours the service of a person is needed. There are many instances when a company will only need to hire personnel on a temporary or specific time period.  This arrangement allows a company to control its cost. With the staffing and recruiting skills of Prodigy, a company can have the personnel they need with the right skills and only when needed.

Another staffing solution that Prodigy provides is Contract-To-Hire. While there may be many talented people out there in the IT field it is also important for a company to hire someone that can fit and adjust to the corporate culture of the company.  With contract-to-hire it gives a company time to see if the personnel not only possesses the skills but fits in the company.

Prodigy also provides Permanent Staffing services. It offers direct-hire staffing services for technical and executive level personnel.

Given today’s competitive environment having flexibility in how labor is employed is a given reality. Prodigy Resources provides companies the flexibility that they need.



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