Protecting The Information

Axcient is a disaster recovery, hybrid cloud-based data, and business continuity company that was founded in 2006 and based in Mountain View, California. The enterprise aims to provide core data protection and recovery solutions focusing on small and medium businesses as well as large corporations for a reasonable price.

With Axcient a firm can combine storage, backup, and disaster-recovery into a single solution. The company does this by sending businesses a small device (usually around the size of a desktop hard drive).  This can be set up in as fast as five minutes and self-connects to Axcient’s cloud and the company’s network.

Given the local, on-site hardware that utilize local network speeds with the additional benefit of the creation of a secure tunnel to Axcient’s cloud, the firm has fundamentally allowed entities to take advantage of a SaaS-based  hybrid cloud model.  This is applicable for companies with 250GB of data up to hundreds of terabytes. As for the cost it starts from $100 per month to thousands of dollars per month for businesses with larger data requirements.

This company is privately held. It recently raised $20 million in Series D funding from firms like Scale Venture Partners and Thomvest Ventures. Axcient has so far raised a total of $53.5 million in funding.



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