Sorting Through All The Data

Now that a lot of information is digital one can think that it is easier to look for the data or information needed. In a sense it is and in another sense it can also be difficult. For one thing there is now so much data available in electronic format that we are no longer talking of gigabytes but more into terabytes of data.

Now a new term has come up call eDiscovery or electronic discovery which refers to data or information which is sought, located, secured and used for litigation purposes.  It like getting paper documents except the documents are in digital form.  It may even include going through emails.

For law firms or law departments and even government offices they may not have the necessary expertise or resources available for eDiscovery. One company that is into this form of litigation support is Mudos which is based in Washington D.C.  The company has collected, processed and hosted hundreds of terabytes of data for some of the world’s largest corporation and for AMLAW 200 law firms.

It thus has the expertise to do eDiscovery in all its phases. Given their expertise on the process they are confident of performing the task within a given budget and deadline. At the end of the day they are also certain that the data they provide is defensible.

The company was founded by Abtin Buergari in 2008. He is also the President and CEO of the company. Having worked for a law firm and specializing in eDiscovery he was dissatisfied with how eDiscovery vendors were offering their services and later decided to put one up himself.



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