The Human Factor

In today’s world in order to be efficient automation is found in nearly every sector of the economy. The same is true in the real estate industry such as in the area of appraisal. Yet even if a system is automated there can be errors and the system may not be able to detect it.

Landmark Network is into residential real estate appraisal management.  It also provides alternative valuation as well as post-closing services involving quality control audit for credit unions, community banks, wholesale lenders and mortgage bankers and brokers.  Like any other appraisal company there is automation involved in its systems. Landmark provides an extra layer of accuracy by having a human expert check the final output before the information is given to clients.  This will eliminate systems error the might unexpected occur.  One can boast of a great system but none is fool proof.

The company will not automatically broadcast a client’s order to any appraiser; it will select the ones who can do the job properly and in the right location. Every appraisal report is manually reviewed for quality.  For alternative valuation the company has its patent pending TriMerge BPO report which gets input from three independent market experts along with some analytics to come up with a more reliable market value.

Landmark is the largest provider of appraisal services for the reverse mortgage industry and was awarded Best Appraisal Management Company in 2011 by Reverse Mortgage Daily.



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